22 February 2021

Art Tarot by Mitch Brezounek

Sariev Gallery is very pleased to announce the publication of the first edition of the cards “Art Tarot” by Mitch Brezounek which the gallery realized together with the artist.




Increasingly feeling that we live in a watershed time for the world we ask ourselves where is that end or border that divides the past, present, future? Even before the pandemic didn't our intuition told us that what we took to be a guide for functioning of the world was faltering? And the pandemic only confirmed our doubts. This is a feeling for the world and for all the constituent worlds, including that of art - the great and international art world. Today, 22 Art Tarot cards are in our hands and we are shaping the future with the help of destiny, which again turns out to be our work. How will we mix it, draw it, interpret it, how will we read its signs? And how will we see the whole picture of the protagonists, how will we read their emotions, fears and hopes? What will we rearrange or we will believe in blind destiny? Art Tarot author Mitch Brezounek doesn't give answers, he gives cards. Divination cards or cards for playing the game of divination. Cards for the game of the past and cards for the game of the future.


The art world is in a state of Limbo, but the cards will be its savior. A unique deck of Tarot cards has been created to help our artistic future. The coming of a sacred deck that will bring light and serenity to the world of art. Yes, dear follower, the voices of the past foretold its coming.

Time is running out and we need to react, so we are forced to appeal to the supernatural forces that live in this Tarot deck. What if the magic sealed in occult traditions came and illuminated our path? What if the mystical forces of our past civilizations are the way to reconnect the past and the present so that we can better direct our future?

It is in such an emergency that this deck of Tarot cards was created to give us hope for a new artistic world connected with space, time, the spiritual, a world of physical and mental connection that transcends the boundaries of reason.

Mitch Brezounek


The cards can be viewed in detail here



You may ask - what are the Art Tarot cards and how do we use them?


Art Tarot, is a divinatory tarot which uses the 22 arcana (traditional tarot figures) which are used for fortune telling, each symbolizing arcana differs in point from the current contemporary art system.

The interpretation of the symbol inscribed on the cards can be interpreted as an oracle or as part of a more psychological approach. It allows everyone to project themselves into the future of the art world, to reconnect with the past, the present and the future.

The practice of Taromancy or Tarotmancy (the art of divination through the use of Tarot cards) is carried out according to various variable protocols according to the practitioners and the consultants. In general, this protocol contains three phases:

  1.  Shuffling of cards, usually followed by a cut
  2.  Position on the arcane table (cards) and selection of a certain number according to the draw (of 3 going to all the arcana)
  3. Interpretation

There are many methods of spreading divination cards. One type of drawing commonly encountered is the cross drawing or Thoth’s response which is usually done with the major arcana.


Full description of the rules here








The cards will be available at Sariev gallery, Plovdiv, artnewscafe, Plovdiv and at partner galleries. 

The first presentation of the cards will be made by Voin de Voin be at KO – OP art space, Sofia on 25 February 2021. More about the presentation here

Facebook event here