Art Residency Studio at Sariev

artists turn the gallery into a studio

On May 1, 2020 Sariev announced an open call - Studio at SARIEV Gallery for artists of all ages. The invitation aims to support the re-opening of the art scene and the work of the creators while the gallery is preparing to welcome visitors again after the COVID - 19 epidemic. The support includes: providing a work space in the gallery for the artist and a budget for materials. The selected artist will turn the space of Sariev gallery into a studio for a certain period of time. At the end of the period and at the request of the artist we will organize a presentation of his/her works for a weekend. 

Artist’s studio at Sariev is a laboratory that changes the perception of gallery space and provides opportunities for artists to have experience in a new environment that provokes and supports them to create. During this unique residence, the artist also has the opportunity to interact with the city and its area and to meet with specialists and people to contribute to the development of his work and his journey.


First edition of Studio at SARIEV gallery
Artist selected - Maria Nalbantova 
Residency - 13 May - 12 June 2020
Exhibition 12 June - 17 June 2020