Parallel to its exhibition policy, since its founding Sariev gallery has realized its own initiatives, exhibitions and projects that go beyond its physical space and even beyond the essence of a traditional gallery. Projects which cannot be separated from the gallery's exhibition policy and its importance for the development of authors and works, from the development of an ecosystem for contemporary art locally and with impact on a global level.

Most of these projects were created by Vesselina and Katrin Sarievi in a desire to develop a shared environment and a context for contemporary art in the years of the emergence of the gallery as one of the pioneer galleries from Bulgaria, working professionally with contemporary art on local and international level. 

In the ethics of the projects is that they are created in cooperation with other institutions, curators, experts, and have a wide network of partners and reach diverse audiences.
The principle behind each of them is typical for the approach of Sarievi and is in the desire to create a common time and place in which to share, give and receive knowledge and to engage in dialogue.

Today the creators of the gallery call this line of activities LAB, based on the fact that these projects were an experimental environment that with time has incubated, developed potentials and created prerequisites for the development of an entire ecosystem. These activities incorporate education in contemporary art, projects in public space, projects for young artists, research in art, artists rediscovery, work with archives, audience development.

It can be assumed that the origin and physical micro dimension of this integrated laboratory model is represented by the place where the small Sariev gallery appeared, on 40 Otets Paisiy str. in Plovdiv, around which Vesselina and Katrin Sarievi founded the art café artnewscafé, 2008, and the office of Open Arts Foundation, 2007-2009, as well as the open stage for art and culture FLUCA – cultural pavilion, which nowadays have contemporary art projects realized together with Sariev gallery, as well as their own, developing other fields.