Nedko Solakov

Politburo, 1987

graphite and acrylic on cardboard
12 pieces
50 x 35 cm each
overall dimensions variable
Private collection

The work was done in 1987 and it remained in my studio/s ever since. It was never exhibited. Naturally, this was not possible before 1989 because of the strong satirical content directly mocking "the chief political and executive committee of a Communist party", the so-called Politburo. It consists of twelve parts, representing the twelve members of the imaginary Politburo. The upper parts of all of them are directly related to the well-known in the socialist times official portraits of the politburo members which were placed on the squares when celebrating dates important for the socialist state. The areas which go beyond the upper parts of the official bodies show what the twelve members do outside the picture - a number of gestures which show rather different activities, nothing to do with the official status of the protagonists. 
Nedko Solakov


All pieces can be viewed here