Sariev + Markov Artist Residency

International sculpture residency for professional artists

Sariev + Markov Artist Residency is a project for professional international artists focused on the topic of sculpture in public space, which is being realized in Bulgaria. The residency is initiated with the desire to create a shared place for dialogue between an international artist, a producer, a gallery, a curator for the creation and presentation of a work of contemporary art by the author, to be presented in a public environment or in a public institution in Bulgaria, complemented with lectures and educational modules.

The idea for the international sculpture residency for professional artists was initiated in late 2017 by Vesselina Sarieva, director of Sariev Contemporary as its main concept developer and organiser, the owners of Markov Studio, Trebich and the Sariev Contemporary represented artist Stefan Nikolaev.

The residency will give opportunity to known international artists selected by established curators to produce a sculptural work in Sofia in Markov Studio and present it in cooperation with Sariev Contemporary in front of larger audience.

The residency program, as the other projects by Sariev, will include an educational module, which will consist of professional workshop for young artists, open doors day in Markov Studio, public lecture by the artist where the artist will share his experience. The residency will also include visit to Sofia and lecture by the international curators and exhibition of the newly produced artwork.

The first edition of the residency is launched in February 2019 with a Board consisting of Vesselina Sarieva, Marin Markov (director and founder, Markov Studio), the participating curators Daria de Beauvais (senior curator, Palais de Tokyo, Paris), Aaron Moulton (curator, Los Angeles) and the artist Stefan Nikolaev and the general partners of the residency.

The focus countries in 2019 are France and USA. The participating resident artists for 2019 are selected by Daria de Beauvais (senior curator, Palais de Tokyo, Paris) and Aaron Moulton (curator, Los Angeles).

The residency program is invitation only.

Partners of the project are French Institute, Sofia Municipality, Sofia City Art Gallery, Open Arts Foundation.