Sariev Curates Fluca

An Open Stage for Art and Culture

Fluca is an open stage for art and culture located in the middle of an artistic microclimate set up at the end of Otets Paisiy St in Plovdiv, as part of the white cube of the Sariev gallery, the artnewscafé meeting point, and the office of the Open Arts Foundation.

Fluca was created in 2016 after an idea of Vesselina Sarieva (Open Arts Foundation) and Thomas Stoelzl (Austrian Embassy). The architectural realisation was implemented by two teams – the Austrian tatort studio (Alexandra Berlinger, Wolfgang Fiel) and Atelie DUO, Plovdiv.

The first curator of the platform was Ursula Maria Probst, followed by Walter Seidl. In 2018 and 2019, Fluca's artistic programme was managed by Boris Kostadinov.

Since 2016, Fluca has been one of the most innovative mobile artistic platforms in Bulgaria - presenting international contemporary art, music, performance, video, multimedia, cinema, literature, and design and architecture. As a mobile stage, Fluca has also traveled to various public spaces in Sofia. Fluca is known as a venue for artistic collaborations and performances by independent art groups, collectives, galleries, not-for-profit organisations, and project spaces from Bulgaria, Austria, the Balkans and Europe.

Curator of the 2020 season between June to October will be Vesselina Sarieva (representing Sariev gallery), who will make Fluca a territory of contemporary art and culture by young artists.

At the end of June, Fluca – Austrian Cultural Pavilion will be occupying its usual place at 38 Otets Paisiy St in Plovdiv in anticipation of the opening of the 2020 season which, even though in a reduced volume due to the pandemic, plans to implement part of its programme agenda by October 2020. 

Each month, one major exhibition will be presented, specially curated for the FLUCA stage. A music programme, a series of small art events, performances and film screenings will complement the artistic synthesis.

The FLUCA season will present solo exhibitions by Austrian artists such as Tatjana Danneberg (in cooperation with LambdaLambdaLambda, Pristina) and Florian Lang.

At the end of the season, FLUCA will travel to a new place, displaying contemporary art in the heart of the largest Roma ghetto on the Balkans – Stolipinovo neighborhood in Plovdiv, through the energy of the young Plovdivian artists - Martina Vacheva, Mitch Brezounek and Valko Chobanov.

An integral part of FLUCA in Plovdiv are Enzi’s comfortable urban seating pieces, donated by MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, which were adapted and designed for Fluca’s area in Plovdiv by artists Vasilena Gankovska and Emil Kirov. In the 2020 season, Sariev invited Plovdiv-based French artist @Mitch Brezounek to transform them into artistic installations which further shaped the oasis of this microclimate.

FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion is a long-term cultural project - an initiative of the Open Arts Foundation (Plovdiv), the Austrian Embassy in Sofia, supported by the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria, Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture, in partnership with the Municipality of Plovdiv and the Municipality of Sofia.

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