Snejanka Mihaylova

Translation of Psalm 22 in Feelings

by Snejanka Mihailova in a dialogue with Philip Baber
presented at #sarievselfisolation on 19 April 2020 (Orthodox Easter)

"Human depths became apparent, the world is in a revelation. The exterior world of our projection, desires, expectations fall out as a dead skin, intentions become visible. It’s not only our intentions alone that became visible but our feelings too. Years ago I begun а translation of the The Book of Psalms from the Old Testament in feelings and each translation is accompanied by a short reflection on the relation between human voice and devine voice. I composed a dictionary of such an attempt, and each prayer rewrites not in words but in breath the struggle to find a language for a feeling. Currently we are experiencing not so much a state of emergency but rather state of revelation in which we are confronted with what is happening in our psychic and emotional life. One day these emotions too will get outlined as illusions and will abandon us to make place for a further stages of relations in our interiority with the spiritual. The attention of our hearts in this challenging times requires listening and responsiveness towards and from within, in that sense the role of prayer is to be reconsidered. Psalm 22 is now released after the invitation of Vesselina Sarieva, this is a prayer that Jesus prays on the cross and it preserves the last words before his death and resurrection.” S.M.