Vitto Valentinov

SIGNALS,  Morse Code Blinking Messages (#1),  May, 2020 

Video, sound, 2:20 min. 
Performed by Vitto Valentinov 
Filmed by Kevork Vanlyan

Watch the video here 


Short Messages (through Eye Signals)
May, 2020

In times of pandemic, when we have to cover our mouths with a mask and keep distance to stay safe, developing alternate forms of communication has become a new necessity. 

SIGNALS is a continuation of a series of projects in which participants communicate with each other using uncommon means. In a global situation of calls for social distancing, this work speaks about the search for an alternative language for distance communication. In a series of short videos, Vitto Valentinov, wearing a face mask, sends short Morse code messages by blinking with his eyes.

The language of art is symbolic. It gives no suggestions for direct application. Thus, the author does not offer the Morse code as a practical way of communication, but provokes us to be inventive in connecting with whatever means is available in any unusual situation.

At a time when pandemic lays a groundwork for nationalism with new forms of localization rapidly emerging, the need for international dialogue is extremely palpable. Art, within its own means, also deals with communication beyond the national, while seeking the universal.