Kamen Stoyanov

New Istanbul Dream, 2016-2017

short documentary,
experimental movie
28 min
edition 5+1АР

New Istanbul Dream investigates the construction side and process of the third Istanbul Airport situated northwest of Istanbul, on the Black sea. This is happening in different ways. The film shows the changing of the environment and the destruction of nature through the construction works for realizing the Megadream of current Turkish power - the biggest airport in the world. This is the basic conflict in the film. This conflict is embodied by a performative layer based on Karagöz - the traditional Ottoman shadow theater. This layer opens a space of an imaginary and activist movement and searches literary and metaphorically for a way out. The movie ends with a musical performance of the adapted and especially changed song Karagözlum by the Istanbul band Zoomk Ru Tu.

Watch the movie trailer here