(almost) Paintings

Nedko Solakov

Midday, 1978

oil on canvas
size of painting: 39 x 58 cm
size of work: 80 x 123 cm

But this buoy is not really ok. At the time, I used shit like krapprot or carmine, which I painted this picture with (for many years my palette consisted only of cadmium yellow and red, ultramarine, titanium white and ivory black). I remember thinking the sky here was quite an achievement, being as close as possible to what I liked to call the "white sky". It happens in the summer and goes along with scorching heat. The character on the paddle boat is supposed to have passed through my head, given the point of view. Which sea is this? Ours, of course. Sunny Beach from back in the days when it was uninhabited. Or it could be from its north side.