(almost) Paintings

Nedko Solakov

Jilted, 1980

oil on canvas
size of painting: 61 х 46 cm
size of work: 133 x 120 cm

After a while, we got divorced. We were couple for seven years, got married (at 21) and divorced in less than a year. She stayed at Czechoslovakia with the man she fell in love with, and I indulged in debauchery in Bulgaria. We saw each other last year, after 33 years, in Slovakia, where she lives. We had a great time at their hotel complex – the two couples embraced. Here it is: (there will be a silhouette drawing on the wall). The stealer-of-other-men’s-women, whose guts I had previously hated, turned out to be a great guy. I told him this and we embraced again. Of course, this meeting was no accident and the whole juicy story was included in my work for yet another biennial. After all, I am from Gabrovo, and as notorious cheapskates we believe that nothing should go to waste.