What energy do we put into transforming things, with undisguised pleasure

Rada Boukova

Everybody, 2018

silk, acrylic, cotton, linen, viscose

Rada grew up among pieces of colored glass, afternoon rays, and stringent architectural shapes. The basic principles of image creation she learned from books with pictures of churches, filled with details of sculptures depicting saints and large plans of stained glass windows with biblical scenes. Perhaps because of this she always had preferences for basic and simple colors: blue, red, yellow, and sometimes green.
The same colors she found in textiles when she started studying at the School of Applied Arts, and later when the fabrics became her profession.
In the St. Joseph Church, Rada Boukova mixes all her knowledge of Glass history with those of fabrics to create a rhythmic composition vibrating with different colors and textiles. Some of the colors of the fabrics are directly influenced by the images in the church, others by the everyday life.