Luchezar Boyadjiev

Crucifixion for the Fisherman, 1991-1992

cycle of 150 drawings
watercolor, pencil, ink and pen, collage on paper
14 x 14 cm each
numbered, signed and dated on the back


In 1990‐1997 the artist responded in several works to the vulgar reintroduction of, what he called – “religion without faith”, in the post‐1989 Bulgaria. The drawings envision a multiplication of the figure of Christ in each and every one, believer or not – Jesus is depicted as a teacher nailed to a blackboard; as a bodybuilder; as an aboriginal; as an extra‐terrestrial; as a family man whose presumed family with 4 children sleeps in a bed shaped like a cross; as a rain of nails over Golgotha and many more.

Drawings can be viewed here