Pravdoliub Ivanov

A dream I had on March 24th 2020


29.5 х 21 cm

From the series Quarantine, started March 2020



By 3 in the afternoon I fill dizzy and went to bed. I dreamed that people could see into the future by wearing a simple medical mask put on eyes. I saw a lot of people around me doing it. I moved my mask from the mouth to my eyes and saw how some compelling, invisible force drives the right-handers had to do everything with the left hand and vice versa, the left-handers had to do everything with the right hand. The world was the same, but much more awkwardly made. I couldn’t understand why everything had the same yellow-reddish color. At first, I decided that everything was made of copper, but then I looked as if things were smeared with iodine. David woke me up by running into bedroom shouting - Dad, we’re making a movie with Mom. / Pravdoliub Ivanov