30 April 2020

SARIEV Gallery new initiative: Ask Sariev Friday

Nowadays it seems like every conversation you have with your friends, family, colleagues etc. is about the current situation and the pandemic related news. At such moments art can offer a powerful means of connection and the so desired escape from the hardships of the present. We decided to dedicate a day from the week to YOU, our visitors and anyone who wants to diversify their daily life by entering in the art world. We miss talking to you so we have decided to create the platform "Ask Sariev Friday" and continue with our conversations in a virtual way.


Contact us and ask us any questions related to SARIEV Gallery:

  • Artists
  • Artworks
  • Current and past projects
  • Bulgarian contemporary art
  • The work of the gallery

Share your thoughts. Be actively yet virtually with us in the gallery.


Each Friday beginnig May 1, 2020 you can send us your questions or call us:

Message us on:
Instagram @SarievGallery @VesselinaSarieva
Facebook: @SarievGallery @VesselinaSarieva @KatrinSarieva
Call: +359888520375

*Address your questions in English to Vesselina Sarieva and Bulgarian to Vesselina Sarieva and Katrin Sarieva. You are invited to write us an email too.

You can follow the hashtags:


Image: Fragment of Take a Break 2020 by Mitch Brezounek. A printed digital drawing from the series "Plovdiv 2020”, March 2020