1 April 2017

Pravdoliub Ivanov - an artist's profile by Oliver Basciano

In its April issue, ArtReview features an artist's profile of Sariev Contemporary's represented artist Pravdoliub Ivanov.

The article is authored by Oliver Basciano, who was on on working visit in Plovdiv, Bulgaria by invitation of Sariev Contemporary. During his visit, he personally met with the artist, who recounted on growing up under communism and how the political climate of the regime and the transition to capitalism in 1989 has influenced his art. According to the author, "the Bulgarian artist suffuses the stuff of everyday life with unresolved geopolitical tensions and anxieties rooted in his early experiences of life behind the Iron Curtain". 
The feature also includes a close-up at few of the artist's most emblematic works, some of which have been shown at major international art forums. 

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