24 October 2017

Mike Bouchet at NIGHT/Plovdiv 2017

Mike Bouchet
Love Dive (Diet Pelican Froth)
15,16,17 September 2017
Stefan Stambolov Sq., at the Pelicans’ Fountain, Plovdiv 


For the 2017 edition of NIGHT/Plovdiv, one of Bulgaria's leading art festivals, the Frankfurt-based American artist Mike Bouchet produced a site-specific sculpture titled Love Dive (Diet Pelican Froth). The project was realized at the Pelicans’ Fountain on Stefan Stambolov Sq. in Plovdiv, which was filled up with the artist’s self-produced Diet Cola. 

The project was realized in the frame of Private Idano, a solo show by Mike Bouchet at Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv.

See a video of the site-specific project here

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