22 May 2014

Lubri and Voin de Voin at Sofia Queer Forum 2014 – Manifestations of the personal

During the 2014 edition of Sofia Queer Forum, Sariev Contemporary's artists Lubri and Voin de Voin will participate in the group show "Manifestations of the personal" at Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, the fridge & Social Center Xaspel, Sofia, Bulgaria.

29 May - 5 June 2014

Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, the fridge & Social Center Xaspel, Sofia


Svetozara Alexandrova, Darina Alster, Kiril Bikov, Amy Bryzgel, Voin De Voin, Antonia Gurkovska, Ivo Dimchev, Stanka Koleva, Krassen Krastev & Paul Dunca, Lubri, Oleg Mavromatti, Boryana Rossa, Natalia Todorova, Mezipatra Queer Film Fest

Curated by Stefka Tsaneva


This year Sofia Queer Forum includes a wide variety of works, raising plenty of questions, presenting various points of views and most of all, opening up taboo-free space for discussion. The forum will feature an exhibition by young Bulgarian artists at Vaska Emanuilova Gallery, video installation by the Czech artist Darina Alster at the fridge & Social Center Xaspel, as well as a lecture by Amy Bryzgel, PhD in history of arts from Aberdeen University, Scotland, the author of one of the most encompassing studies on performance arts in Eastern Europe - Performing the East.


More information here

Online edition of the Sofia Queer Forum 2014 catalogue here